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Application for the program

Fee of attendance Period of application
Before 15 May 2018 (Early bird) After 15 May 2018 (Late bird)
All medical disciplines 9,800 THB 12,000 THB
Students / General disciplines 9,000 THB 9,000 THB
Board Examination only with conference
Examination fee and Material
All medical disciplines 77,500 THB

Background and Rationale

Though hormones have been used to treat many diseases for nearly a century, they have been used to treat only in the narrow spectrum for endocrine diseases. Advanced therapy in hormones treatment cover degenerative diseases nowadays and provide a promising result for regeneration and health promotion.

In this year, Dr. Hertoghe, the prominent hormones expert worldwide, will bring more experiences in using hormones to treat chronic and critical diseases which have not (541) 751-2061

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe | The Hormonal Expert
keynote speaker:Dr.Thierry Hertoghe

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe (Belgium,1957) practices lifespan / reversing aging medicine and hormone therapy. He represents the fourth consecutive generation of physicians specialized in the field of hormone therapy. Dr.Thierry Hertoghe’s office in Brussels (Belgium) consists of a team of experienced doctors.He is an internationally known authority in medical therapies *oriented to correct hormone deficiencies, reduce agingor even, on some aspects ...more details